Muslim Molester Given Instant Justice While Bragging About His Sick Crimes

After a Muslim refugee went on a sickening crime spree of violence, robbery, and sexually assault, he thought he had gotten away with his heinous behavior. However, as soon as the smug migrant offender began boasting about his debauchery, perfect justice instantly slapped him in the face.

Muslim Molester Given Instant Justice While Bragging About His Sick Crimes


On New Year’s Eve last year, thousands of Muslim migrants flooded the streets of Germany, committing mass crime. Over 1,300 reports were filed, 662 of which were directly related to sexual assault and 28 involved rape. Unfortunately, the politically correct authorities have only arrested 35 migrants, convicting just 24 of any crime. Only 5 of those convictions were for sexual assault — 5 out of 662. Luckily, one victim just received justice after fighting back against her attacker in the most unconventional way.

 A Muslim refugee thought he had slipped through investigators’ fingers after participating in the NYE attacks in Düsseldorf, which neighbors Cologne. Nearly a year later, however, he has found that, while the legal system might be slow, it can also be very effective.

Mad World News reported earlier this year that Taoufik M., whose last name has been censored by the politically correct authorities, bragged about his criminal prowess in an exclusive TV interview in February called “King of the Pickpockets.” The 33-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker thought he was going to be a television star, so he made the mistake of getting a little too confident in his ability to slip past the police, prompting him to allow cameras to show his face. It was then that his sexual assault victim recognized him and reported his name to the authorities.

Taoufik remorselessly laughed about his ability to take advantage of his gracious hosts by pickpocketing. Unbeknownst to him, more than 5 million Germans he boasted about ripping off were watching the program, including his 18-year-old molestation victim. In a satisfying dose of irony, the young woman gave her own interview, which consisted of telling the police and media about how the migrant repeatedly groped her “breasts, buttocks, and genitals,” Express reports.

Taoufik was quickly arrested and initially received 19 months in prison. After serving part of his sentence, he decided to appeal, knowing that many migrant convicts get reduced or repealed sentences. However, the court instead decided to not only deny Taoufik his appeal but ruled that he shall be deported back to Morocco, according to the Telegraph.
Muslim Molester Given Instant Justice While Bragging About His Sick Crimes

Authorities say that Taoufik violently resisted officers as they forced him onto the Royal Air Maroc plane, which would take him from Frankfurt to Casablanca. In early December, Taoufik was finally forced back to his Islamic wasteland, literally kicking and screaming.

“There are always a couple of people who steal,” Taoufik told the documentary. “One steals a pair of trousers, another steals a mobile phone or a bag. Everyone works alone.”

Taoufik had lived in Germany for just 2 years before being deported. Before his arrival in Düsseldorf, he had sought asylum in Italy. As is the case with millions of refugees, Taoufik was merely an economic migrant, determined to make his way through Europe, not for refuge but for welfare.

“The man was one of a larger group of foreigners who carried out repeated indecent assaults and physical harassment,” the Düsseldorf’ police said in a statement.

Taoufik already had a criminal record before being charged with the violent sexual offense. In fact, local media reported that he has been arrested 22 times for crimes ranging from grievous bodily harm to organized crime. He has also been identified as the leader of a notorious North African Muslim gang that specializes in pickpocketing.

 Migrants are not only using our laws to manipulate the legal process but are citing religious and cultural differences as a means of escaping justice. Just because someone doesn’t believe in our laws doesn’t mean they should have a pass when it comes to breaking them.