Muslims Demand Boss Allow Hijabs At Work, Courts Have PRICELESS Response

When a few Muslims expected their boss to give into Islam as they made demands in the workplace, things didn’t exactly turn out the way they wanted. In fact, their case was taken to court, but they were just handed down a ruling that many are saying is downright priceless.

We’ve seen it in nearly every country that is being flooded with Muslim “refugees,” flocking to the West from the Middle East. Despite the fact that their own practices are responsible for the mayhem in countries that they flee, Muslims want to bring the same religious customs to their host country that have caused turmoil in their own lands for centuries.

Proving just that is the issue of the oppressive hijab, a head covering worn by Muslim women since Muslims believe that it is a woman’s duty to maintain strict modesty as to not tempt men into sin. Considering the fact that identities can be hidden and that it’s not always safe to wear a scarf in certain working conditions, the oppressive garment has caused controversy in Western nations. In fact, Muslims took the issue of the hijab to court after demanding that employers everywhere give into their religion and allow the problematic hijab to be worn.

The ordeal actually began back in 2013 when a Muslim woman Samira Achbita was told that her employer, G4S security services in Belgium, didn’t allow any political, religious, or philosophical symbols at work. Three years later, in 2016, she demanded that she be allowed to wear a hijab, which prompted her employer to adopt a formal ban on religious symbols entirely.

Of course, she took her boss to court and was quickly joined by another Muslim woman. As it turns out, a French IT engineer by the name of Asma Bougnaoui was fired from a consultancy firm, Micropole, after one of the company’s clients complained about her headscarf. Too bad for them, their efforts were most recently shut down for good.

However, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan as the European Union’s Court of Justice (EJC) has most recently ruled that employers can ban employees from wearing Islamic headscarves or other religious symbols:

“An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign does not constitute direct discrimination,” the Court said in a statement.

“However, in the absence of such a rule, the willingness of an employer to take account of the wishes of a customer no longer to have the employer’s services provided by a worker wearing an Islamic headscarf cannot be considered an occupational requirement that could rule out discrimination.” [Source: Daily Mail]

Employers can now legally put their foot down without fear of lawsuits. Of course, this ruling applies to every religion, but Muslims are putting up a stink because they view the decision as discriminatory against their beliefs.

Although Muslims are crying foul, they’re not talking about the fact that the rule doesn’t just apply to them. In fact, a Christian employee said her boss discriminated against her because she wore a cross necklace but had her case thrown out on the same grounds.

The fact of the matter is, this isn’t a “Muslim” issue, but members of the Islamic faith want to make it one. When it comes down to it, this seems to be about fairness and treating everyone the same, but a few entitled members of society only seem concerned about themselves and how “unfair” it is to them. Unfortunately for them, they just got a massive slap in the face, and it’s only going to get worse for them if they continue to push the issue.