Muslims in America, The Real Story

Muslim-Americans are speaking out about the liberal uproar over the so-called “Muslim Ban” by the Trump Administration. Their collective reaction to those liberals: “Are you (insert expletive here) kidding me?” spoke with a young American-Kuwaiti woman named Sarah. She has harsh words for those who want to have open borders with terrorist nations.


Sarah survived an oppressive regime only to have liberal feminists try to destroy her in the only place she feels safe, America.

“They (western feminists) show me they really don’t care about me by welcoming my attackers into the place that I now call home.”

Christian TV host Isik Abla, a former radical Muslim-turned-Christian evangelist stated his case. “It (the ban) is about doing what is right and what is wise, and I believe this ban is the wisest thing (that) is happening right now. America has foolishly opened its doors to all the Muslim world, including the radicals” in an effort to look “nice.” However, this has been akin to “shaking hands with the devil.”

Many Muslims, especially women, cannot believe after escaping vicious, radically anti-women countries, the latte-loving left are staging protests against the “Muslim Ban.” She is bewildered that they are demanding these attackers be allowed into the US.

Imagine escaping rape, honor killings, and child marriages, only to have other people insist those practices come to America. Imagine being an immigrant escaping civil war, bombings, or being thrown from a building for being gay. Now, imagine that the offenders of those crimes were welcomed here to live next door.

How safe would you feel?

Dr. Qanta Ahmed states, “I think a lot of Muslims around the world are afraid. But many of us, especially opposed to radical Islam, are welcoming it (vetting). We don’t want to prohibit refugees here forever. We, as Americans, want to help those in need, but we do think we have to make assessments based on the regions that are identified.”

If people who know Islamic culture, who have actually lived within it and its influences are telling liberals to zip it, maybe they should. If an expert cancer doc tells you how to defeat a disease, do you protest in favor of the cancer?

Liberals refuse to listen to the government should put down their protest signs long enough to listen to real Muslims.

However, they probably will not.

These fine social justice warriors are too busy making protest signs in their parents’ basements. They are busy fine-tuning their social media accounts to listen to the experiences and concerns of American-Muslims.

America, the land of the gullible, and for only a short time more, of the free.

What do you think of how actual Muslims react to the “Muslim Ban?” Let us know in the comments!

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