New Device Makes Ordinary Table Surface Futuristic Control Panel

knocki-close-upHave you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of gadgets, remotes, and apps that you use on a daily basis? There are devices and apps to turn on lights, others that activate your home security and devices that help you find your phone or adjust your home temperature – it can be very a little much to keep track of everything that’s supposed to make our lives easier! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tap your nightstand to turn the lights on and get your coffee brewing? Now you can thank Knocki!

Knocki is a small device that turns any ordinary surface into a smart surface. Now you can control just about every aspect of your life! This can be anything from adjusting your home’s thermostat to turning on and off lights, controlling your music to even getting an Uber! It just takes minutes to set up, and it works seamlessly with your home! Don’t have smart home devices? No problem! Knocki still provides various useful functions like remote doorbell service, finding your lost phone, and more!



We love the simplicity of setup and the many benefits it can bring! I’ve always hated having to keep track of so many apps and devices that were supposed to make my life easier. Now, no more keeping track of all those things! Click to read more about Knocki!