New Global Alliance Forms As Countries Pledge To End The Disease Of Islam

Since terrorists are spreading into the Western countries, the world at large is waking up from the globalist slumber. It raises some serious questions about the immigration and open-borders.

 Recently, the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban “laid down the law”, saying that they don’t care what the UN says. Hungary and the other “Visegrad 4” countries   — Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic — will do what is in “the best interests of their people” instead of what Eurocrats tell them.

Orban announced the joint statement between the Visegard Group, saying that while they  will respect the EU position, they will do what they want to protect themselves from Turkey.

He also thanks Austria for helping. Austria has been besieged by Muslims twice, and that is the reason why they have a bold voice against Turkey joining the EU.

If you noticed well, Orban criticized Turkey, and suggested that Hungary can defend themselves on their own.

Orban’s speech was about Hungary and the V4, but this is a lot bigger. It is about the re-emergence of old alliances and history repeating itself as Europe draws itself into another horrible war with the Muslims.

Not surprisingly, the most recent head of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, has called the rise of such nationalist movements as Trump, Orban, Brexit, etc. as a xenophobic  “insult” to the past few decades.

Not surprisingly, Ban Ki Moon and the larger UN apparatus resents Israel’s long tradition of nationalist self-interest. This is why the UN and Obama are cooperating, once again, to undermine Israel’s sovereignty in the Middle East. Undermining Israel in the face of a Muslim majority would send a strong but subtle anti-nationalist message to any defiant Europeans and newly “Trumpified” Europeans.

This is why Moon’s official statement, issued during the U.N.’s “International Migrant Day,” is an example of the alternative reality in which the globalist Establishment elite resides. It reflects a vast inability to understand the nationalist-populist counter-revolution sweeping the West.

To dismiss the rise of the populist Right — one of the most important political developments in modern times — and the legitimate economic and social grievances driving it as an “insult” is a shocking display of aloof arrogance. Moreover, the notion that the Marine Le Pens and Geert Wilders of the world “seek to alienate” migrants and refugees is simply untrue. Those migrants and refugees come from mainly Muslim countries with values and cultural norms vastly different from our own — and are already alien.


Not one of the populist politicians in Europe or America has ever blamed Muslim migrants for the “various ills of society.” They’ve blamed them, instead, for the specific ills they’ve brought with them, namely a massive spike in theft, sexual assault, and domestic Islamic terrorism.


Yet “we must reject intolerance, discrimination and policies driven by xenophobic rhetoric and the scapegoating of migrants. Those who abuse and seek to harm migrants must be held to account,” Ban wrote.

Unfortunately, that Muslim migrants pose a direct threat to Western stability is now an inescapable truth. There has been a steady stream of horrifying stories coming out of Europe.

Resistance to mass Muslim migration is not driven by “xenophobic rhetoric and the scapegoating of migrants” — it is driven by the very actions of some of the migrants. Ban might be quick to condemn those who would hurt migrants, but he willfully ignores the abuse and harm certain Muslim migrants have perpetrated on Westerners.

Not content with slamming those who do not wish to see their homelands become Islamic colonies, Ban also demanded that Western nations willingly comply in the displacement of their own people. “We need stronger international cooperation among countries of origin, transit and destination that is guided by international law and standards,” Ban wrote.

“Good governance of migration also demands expanding legal channels for safe migration, including for family reunification, for labor mobility at all skill levels, and educational opportunities for children and adults, as well as decriminalizing irregular migration and regularizing the status of undocumented migrants,” he continued.

It is time for the U.S. to leave the U.N. We fund about 70% of this organization. It is run by idiots who care nothing about individual countries. They want open borders in every country. Without borders and immigration laws you will no longer have individual countries.