New Military Flashlight Every Girl Needs to Know About



Every woman knows the feeling: You’re walking through a parking lot alone. It’s dark out, and you’re getting eyed by some strange man lurking in the distance.

When that happens, there are four things you should have in your possession:

  • Keys to clutch between your knuckles
  • Pepper spray
  • A personal alarm on your key-chain
  • A super-powerful flashlight

The first three make sense, but few women consider the importance of the flashlight. Here’s why that’s a big mistake.

The first three items often take time to enable – time you may not have. Will you be able to get your keys between your fingers and nail a good punch before an attacker stops you? Can you take the safety off your pepper spray and aim it in the right direction in time? How easily can you activate the “screamer” alarm on your keychain – and will anyone even pay attention to it?

Don’t get us wrong; these items are all great to have, but a flashlight is another essential. It can be used to deter a lurker by exposing him in the shadows, blinding an attacker close up, or as a blunt object during a struggle.

A new tactical flashlight called the G700 has been getting a lot of attention in this area. It’s made out of nearly indestructible Military-Grade Aircraft Aluminum Housing runs on only 3 AAA batteries and can light the way to safety with 700 blinding lumens of light. It also houses a super cool ZOOM feature (demonstrated in the photo above), an “SOS mode” to signal for help, as well as a “strobe mode” that produces a pulsating frequency to disorient a threat within milliseconds!

Have a teen or college-age daughter? This is an essential tool that can give them (and you) some peace of mind.

From police to self-defense instructors, countless experts agree that a flashlight is a powerful safety tool. But unlike regular LED lights, you’ll find at hardware stores; the G700 uses recently released military technology that is now available to the public. This allows it to be super powerful, very durable, and incredibly lightweight, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

Orders are currently pouring in for the G700 because the company announced a bargain 75% discount on purchases for new customers—while supplies last!

Whether you’re single or married, teenager or young adult, college student or professional woman – it’s important to protect yourself and the people you love. Having the right tools allows you to do that.

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