New Smartphone Case Lets You Play Game Boy Games

If you’re bored of using touch screen controls to play retro games then the Smart Boy is here to bring your childhood back.

You can dust off your Game Boy cartridges and relive classics with this revolutionary phone case from Hyperkin.

The Smart Boy is designed to make games easier to play games on your phone.


Hyperkin are releasing a development kit to give those avid gamers a chance to improve the application and the firmware for the Smart Boy.

The best improvements posted in the Hyperkin Lab forum will be offered a royalty percentage when the product is ready for retail.

smart boy

It features the Game Boy design of the A, B, Start and Select buttons with the control pad along with a microUSB to connect the phone and case.

Hyperkin are currently focused on releasing this Android-only, despite them mentioning an iPhone-only release a year ago.

The Smart Boy was showcased at this year’s E3 demoing it playing Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

Hyperkin’s $ 60 case is available to pre-order on their website and they will be shipped out after 1st December 2016.