NYC’s First African-American Senator Goes Vegan, Reverses Diabetes

Credit: The New York Times

Though there is a general consensus among allopathic doctors that Type II diabetes cannot be reversed, countless individuals who have adopted plant-based diets and improved their lifestyle habits have proven otherwise. One such person is Eric L. Adams. The Brooklyn Borough President, who spent 22 years in the New York City Police Department, was informed over a year ago that he had Type II diabetes upon visiting the doctor. At the time, his blood sugar levels were so high his physician was surprised he wasn’t already in a coma!

Inspired to find a way to combat the disease holistically, he did some research and consulted with physicians. Eventually, Adams decided that a plant-based diet was his path to better health. In just eight short months, he lost thirty pounds and managed to completely reverse his diabetes, reports The New York Times. He also no longer needed a midday “pick-me-up” since his new diet gives him plenty of energy. 

Adams – who was also the first African-American to hold the position New York senator – continues to refuse to eat “nothing that has a face, mother or father,” and feels better than ever. In an interview with Black Vegans Rock, Adams commented:

“When we rid ourselves of animal products, we will rid ourselves of the pain, the injury, and the constant fatigue. We’re dying because our bodies can no longer sustain themselves from what we feed it.”

Reportedly, the mini kitchen in his Borough Hall office is now outfitted with hot plates and toaster ovens, sweet potatoes and apples, nutritional yeast and spices, and other staples to create delicious food so he never feels deprived.

Feeling positive about his own progress, Adams now seeks to assist individuals who live in low-income neighborhoods, as there is a correlation between high meat consumption and disease in impoverished communities. Many are forced to rely on convenience stores for groceries and purchase “junk food,” as fruits and vegetables are oftentimes too expensive.

In his spare time, the activist promotes diabetes awareness at senior centers. Additionally, his borough is investing large sums of money into schools with gardens, so that kids and teenagers may be taught how to cultivate fruits and vegetables as well as the benefits of consuming more plant-based foods.

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