Obama Committed a Felony Against Trump and He Just Exposed It All

Donald Trump just revealed that Obama masterminded a plan with the New York Attorney General to sue Trump over his alleged Trump University fraud. Trump said a secret “meeting” took place between Obama and New York AGEric Schneiderman behind closed doors, and after an exchange of money, Trump was hit with the lawsuit just a few days later.

Here is what Trump said…

“The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse,” Trump said at a rally in Bentonville, Arkansas. “The following day he sues me. What they don’t say is, I believe, fifteen thousand or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.” Trump continued…

“All of a sudden the attorney general ― his name is Eric Schneiderman, not respected in New York, doing a terrible job, probably is not electable in New York, but who knows ― and he meets with Obama, gets a campaign contribution, I think, I think it’s fifteen thousand dollars, and all of a sudden, he meets with Obama in, I believe, Syracuse, and the following day or two he brings a lawsuit against me.”

It’s no secret that Trump scares the hell out of Washington because he can’t be bought and he can’t be controlled by the political class, so it’s not far-fetched at all to believe this happened in an attempt to rig the election against Trump.

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Photo by markhillary