Obama Rebukes Trump On Key Muslim Policy

Barack Obama says he will stay involved in politics because he is so concerned about Donald Trump and “American values.” Obama threatened to meddle in United States affairs after he leaves, and his real focus is on one key Muslim policy that he views as un-American. Obama is talking out of his ass as he threatens Trump, and he is forgetting one thing that makes all the difference.

Speaking on The Daily Show recently, Obama made it clear he will challenge Donald Trump’s immigration policy, which will prevent Muslims from entering the US until they can be properly vetted.

Mr Obama, who will be leaving the White House in January, suggested he would not sit idly by if the billionaire implemented policies “going against American values.” During the US election campaign, Mr Trump vowed to his voters he would crack down on immigration and strengthen national security. [via The Express]

 Pamela Gellar, via Atlas Shrugs, writes, “Perhaps [Obama] meant to say Muslim values – he has spent the last 8 years doing everything he can to trash American values. It’s not enough that Obama lost the White House, the House, the Senate, the State legislatures, etc.”  She goes on, “Emulating Muslim rule, he seeks to impose his will on a body politic which has completely and utterly rejected him.” What part of the shellacking the Democrats just took in this election did Obama not get?