Obama is STILL on vacation, and YOU are helping to pay for it

Former President Barack Obama seems to think he’s still in office. Since leaving Washington, the 44th President has taken an almost constant vacation, from Palm Springs to Hawaii to the British Virgin Islands. This past weekend, he was hanging out at the world’s most exclusive resort in French Polynesia.

Even though he is no longer in office, taxpayers are still partially funding his down time. They are also paying for part of the trips taken by Michelle, who is spending most of her vacation separate from the President. She did, however, join him in time to take in an exclusive resort near Tahiti.

The Daily Mail reports what locals saw when the Obamas took to the beach at the resort.

The witnesses said that the couple used a small boat for their late morning excursion and that there they were escorted by two others boats with their security detail.Even while vacationing, the former president was surrounded by security aboard the boat, according to TNTV.

Obama has been spending the past month at the exclusive Brando resort off Tahiti, writing his White House memoirs.

Michelle hasn’t been with her husband the whole time, but she jetted out to join him for some fun in the sun on Saturday.

Obama has been spending the majority of his post-White House months getting his tan on.

Immediately after leaving President Trump’s inauguration, Mr Obama flew to Palm Springs for some golf, followed by a trip to Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands.

He briefly returned to Washington, DC before taking off for French Polynesian last month, with a brief stopover in his home state of Hawaii.

The Brando is located on the island of Tetiaroa, about 30 miles off Tahiti.

It once served as a summer residence for former chiefs and kings of Tahiti until the actor Marlon Brando purchased it in 1967.

The actor owned the island for more than three decades, and now after spending years being inaccessible to the general public,it has been opened up as an eco-friendly resort.

Named The Brando, the resort is barely visible if spotted from the sea as it’s unobtrusive and only holds a maximum number of 84 guests.

To access the resort, one must arrive on a private plane, a roughly 20-minute flight from Tahiti, before being escorted to one of the 35 extravagant beachfront villas containing between one to three bedrooms.

The price for a one bedroom villa for just one person begins at roughly $ 3,000-a-night in U.S. dollars during low season, which is from April to June.

In November, actor Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his birthday at The Brando, which was also voted the ‘Best Resort in the World’ by Condé Nast Traveler readers.

It is not clear exactly how much taxpayers are on the tab for President Obama’s vacations. Even while in office, President Obama paid his hotel bill while on vacation. However, we do know that his Secret Service detail and related expenses are covered by taxpayers.

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