Obama’s Last Pardon — SAVES Biggest ‘Screw You’ To Americans For Final Day

Barack Obama has the power to pardon anyone he wants, and he is saving the worst criminals until his very last day. Like a king, Obama must decide who to save and who to throw to the wolves, and you’ll be shocked at one name he will pardon on his final day. Obama’s last act will be the biggest “screw you” to all Americans as he protects his cronies, keeping them out of prison.

There is a major shake-up going on in Washington, D.C., as Obama leaves and the Trump administration takes over. Obama’s last day will be his busiest since it is the day he will pardon the most controversial people and leave many Americans pissed off.

According to Conservative Treehouse, many signs indicate that Obama will pardon Hillary Clinton on his last day, but not only Hillary. The FBI has been trying to block Obama from pardoning Hillary by recently making the documents of their investigation into Hillary Clinton public, but the mainstream media refuses to report on it.

“With no major media, especially CNN, presenting the content of the release [Hillary’s FBI investigation] within their broadcast, it would appear the intent is to position/protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to receive the benefit of an Obama pardon under the auspices of avoiding a malicious political investigation by any incoming swamp draining agents.” [via Conservative Treehouse]

Obama’s biggest fear is new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It looks like Sessions will be confirmed, and this spells disaster for the Obamas, the Clintons, and all of their cronies. In fact, many experts say Obama’s final pardon will be none other than himself.

Many expect that Obama will also pardon himself of any offenses he may have committed in office. The media will say Obama had no choice but to protect himself and his allies against the racist/sexist incoming administration and the big bad wolf Jeff Sessions.

Attorney Dan Abrams writes, “There is clear precedent for a president to grant a ‘full, free, and absolute pardon’ for all offenses against the United States even without naming any of the offenses. Indeed, that’s what President Gerald Ford did for Richard Nixon in order to prevent further ‘prolonged and divisive debate.’”

Obama will use the mainstream media to sell the pardons as a way to protect himself, Hillary Clinton, and their cronies against the big bad “racist” Trump administration. This is exactly why the Hollywood crowd won’t shut up; they are being used to keep the useful idiots in this country thinking Trump is a bully and Obama and Hillary need protection from him.

 Never fear, though, Hillary doesn’t get off that easy. She will be memorialized as one of the most prolific criminal politicians ever, surrounded by dead bodies and victims to her greed. Obama’s pardon for Hillary will cement her guilt into the minds of Americans forever. She will join the ranks of Richard Nixon and go down in history as a crook.