Ohio Cop Honors Killed Deputy With Thin Blue Line US Flag

A photo is going viral after someone saw what an Ohio police officer was doing by a street sign on a busy interstate and decided to snap a quick picture. However, viewers have been left shocked by what else was in the widely shared image – and there’s no questioning what got everyone’s attention.

The picture was posted on the Facebook page Ohio Going Blue and is quickly being shared far and wide. Taken just off of I-71 in Franklin County, it depicts an officer who had pulled off the side of the road to do a little “work” on a nearby street sign.

However, it wasn’t so much what the guy was doing that grabbed attention as it was what the officer had in his hands just underneath the “Deputy Marty Martin Memorial Highway” sign that left everyone talking. As seen in the image, the officer was hanging the widely-known pro-cop American flag with the recognizable thin blue line from the sign in honor and memory of the man who had passed away:

Deputy Sheriff Marty Martin of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (Ohio) was killed in an automobile accident on September 6, 2008, on I-71, near I-270, while he and another deputy worked an undercover operation at approximately 12:30 am.

Their unmarked SUV hydroplaned as a result of heavy rain, struck a culvert, and overturned. [Source: Facebook]

Although the other officer in the car only came out with a few moderate injuries, Deputy Martin later succumbed to the damage his body incurred during the wreck. He served on the force for 10 years before the accident and is survived by his wife and child – but clearly, he is not forgotten.

The left has made a habit of chastising police officers, but they deserve so much respect. Every morning, they put on the uniform, kiss their loved ones goodbye, and venture out to keep our communities safe, not entirely sure whether they’ll return home at the end of their shift. It takes a special kind of person to volunteer for a task with that kind of risk. It’s what we typically refer to as a hero.