Paradigm On Feminism Needs To Change!


 Occasionally, I am truly baffled by society. After seeing a recent ad, I simply couldn’t help but believe something is wrong with their comprehension of feminism; or with some of the society in Pakistan. For those who’ve not come across this advert, in that video a girl is first catcalled, and filmed on a telephone, by guys in Lahore’s old Anarkali marketplace as she’s walking along (covered in a scarf too!), but as an outcome of the road harassment, she strips off her chaadar (scarf) in the middle of Old Anarkali, and dances to “Who run the world!”, while additionally joined by backup dancers who appear from the bunch.

Though I’m all in favour of dancing to a great melody, along with female authorization, I located the message of the video; that dancing in front of lusty guys (who’ve blatantly harassed you on the road, and videoed you walking around) can be called “Empowering”; totally farcical! Not to mention, linking this message to enacting feministic rights is beyond me…

is a movement for gender equality, fighting for the fundamental rights: rights to be taught, rights to have rights to having the same chances as men, societal esteem. Is dancing in front of guys that have objectified girls meant to fight with road harassment in the first place? And how does taking off items of clothes account to liberalisation?

I wouldn’t call authorization or this feminism! Because as a feminist, I understand how I fought for my rights and have made my place in the patriarchal society. Pakistan is the state for studying in the school where Malala got shot in the head, and Qandeel Baloch killed by her own brother in the name of honour killing. In that surroundings that is inhospitable, envision those girls facing road harassment within their real life due to that ad that is weird. I really believe that in order to prevent the harassment Pakistani society must redefine their way of feminism and fighting for equality. Both extremes (being covered in hijab and being repressed or stripping out of clothing) are incorrect. Neither can save a girl from road harassment if guys believe they’ve the right to cat-call harass them or girls. The treatment is stepping up against guys who do this, and being a powerful, confident girl. This video would definitely construct a strong picture if the girl would have faced the guy who sought support from those around her in an identical road and then harassed her as women and other men wouldn’t have condoned this behavior.

Some only source of amusement only for the mental arousal of guys or girls aren’t meant to be objectified. What bothered me about this video was that instead of encouraging respect and recognition for girls acting out of the standard of being repressed, the guys, who were catcalling, are only now filming them with perverted appearances, and the ladies continue dancing… for what? To continue being objectified? It was really , and of course, dissing that is sickening; particularly given how much girls matters like the sex pay game stay unchanged, and even in nations including the UK have fought for in days gone by, only to get voting rights.

Girls aren’t mechanically liberalised simply by accommodating Western dancing styles in Asian societies. Yes it’s out of the standard, yes it’s a means but does it help the fight for equality? No, it will not. The fact of the matter stays that girls aren’t even permitted to be schooled in northern areas of the state, they’re pressured into arranged marriages for their hard work as guys and not given the same credit from adolescence. Society is not matriarchal to its origins, guys believe they’ve the right to do whatever they need to a girl as she’s a breeding machine, only a mere thing or a prize to flaunt about. It WOn’t transform by street dances, and the misogyny demands to finish, as that’s the issue, it is going to transform when girls eventually stand up against guys collectively; create a powerful ethnic or political power that WOn’t be put down. Not all guys abuse and harass girls, some condemn all of it together and will stand up with girls. That’s the picture, of cooperation, that we must strive for!

I wouldn’t say the West itself isn’t guilty of misogyny; catcalling is a huge issue here in the united kingdom and women still feel very dangerous walking the streets at night, and not only that, school girls are cat called on their way home; Croydon being an instance of this. Not to mention misogyny is plastered all over pop culture (I am looking at you Game of Thrones and rap music). Slowly but certainly, equality will be reached but their own every society, to each and the nation is handling distinct problems and at distinct periods.


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