Pelosi Spreading Fake News From Fake Twitter Account

Pelosi Continues To Make Herself Look Terrible

The news of President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser resigning spread quickly throughout the United States. Notably, the Democrats started going on and on about the controversy and what it means for the country as a whole.

This is a big deal, considering that it was the President’s National Security Adviser that was a part of this controversy. However, in a typical Democrat fashion, they managed to make the press conference a total disaster. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was caught commenting and bashing a fake twitter account bashing Michael Flynn.

It didn’t stop there, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went on a two-minute rant about the same Twitter post. She was talking about the word “scapegoat” which she preceded to give an answer that is extremely hard to follow. It’s just more evidence that this woman is not mentally fit to lead the Democrats in Congress.

The fake Michael Flynn account was talking about how he would act as a scapegoat for the entire event to make sure that the country can continue improving. Again, it wasn’t from the real former National Security Adviser, and yet nobody told the Democrats. Or, worse, they didn’t bother to fact-check that themselves.

The fake Twitter account put out two tweets yesterday late at night

“While I accept full responsibility for my actions, I feel it is unfair that I have been made the sole scapegoat for what happened. (1/2).” The second tweet said, “But if a scapegoat is what’s needed for this Administration to continue to take this great nation forward, I am proud to do my duty.”

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The Whole Room Heard!

Pelosi then went on the rant over the word “scapegoat.” She continued to go on a rant about the word, not realizing that it was a fake account. “I’m going to make a tweet myself. It’s not scapegoating, it’s stonewall.” Needless to say, that prompted a response from writers on Twitter.

Sam Stein, a verified account, had this to say. “Pelosi going after Flynn for this scapegoat tweet. It’s not a real account!” This is a Democratic Representative in the United States Congress. The fact that she is going on crazy rants about “scapegoats,” stonewalling and tweeting is highly concerning.

Pelosi Has Officially Lost Her Mind

However, the story gets better. An aide went up to Pelosi afterward and told her that the tweets were fake. She was reported to have turned to him and said, What do you mean it’s fake!?”

The other thing to thing about is the fact that a United States Representative didn’t bother to do some simple fact checking. They didn’t bother to do so just because they wanted to bash one of Trump’s now former members. That includes other representatives that were speaking out about the tweet themselves.

The point is that these are people that are supposed to be lawmakers and they aren’t doing any simple fact-checking skills. A basic search would have shown that this isn’t a verified account. Instead, they were so concerned with trying to bash a Trump member that they embarrassed themselves in the end.

There is a reason that they fell for the account as well, and that is because The New York Times fell for it first. Think about that, a paper that is supposed to report facts was more than happy to jump on the fake news bandwagon because it was against one of the President’s appointees.

However, this speaks to a larger issue. This is yet another occurrence of Pelosi spouting off about something that is obviously wrong. She was at a press conference where she had referenced former President George W. Bush and said that she would be unable to work with him.

Pelosi Has Referenced President Bush Before

The biggest problem is that she was referring to President Trump. Bush hasn’t been the president for eight years. That isn’t something that is supposed to happen. Pelosi is getting older, and her mind might be going bad. If that is the case, then she needs to do the right thing and step down from her position.

If she continues at this pace, she is just going to put the country and herself at danger. So please, for the love of the country, Mrs. Pelosi step down from your post and get some medical help.

This isn’t the first time that Pelosi has done something highly questionable either. About two weeks ago she was hosting a town hall, and someone asked a question about the Yemen Civil War, and she blamed President Trump for the war. The problem is that the war started in 2015 when Obama was still president of the United States.

Of course, Pelosi had yet another issue with technology. She had no idea that the microphone was still on and you can clearly hear her telling the speaker at the microphone to mention something about himself in protest of the President. This woman will do anything to get the last word in.

Share this article with your friends and family to show them that Pelosi has officially lost her mind. She went on a two-minute rant about “scapegoats” and referenced a fake tweet about one of President Trump’s appointees. Seriously, do any Democrats do any fact-checking anymore?