POW! Donald Trump Makes INCREDIBLE Promise If He Wins – Crowd Goes Crazy!

POW! Donald Trump Makes INCREDIBLE Promise If He Wins – Crowd Goes Crazy!

Contrary to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump gave his word about something that will be remembered. And Hillary won’t forget this anytime soon. Trump definitely knows how to say what he thinks, and he deserves respect for that. Rarely does a leader possess so much honesty, and rarely does a leader exhibit it in the open.

During the harsh debate, Trump put out so many good points, and she threw the truth in Hillary’s face. And the audience loved it! We loved it, too! Hypocrites like Hillary should get nothing less than a life sentence. That’s probably what she’ll win in these elections.

Donald Trump said he didn’t want to bring it up… He almost promised he wouldn’t say it… But he did.

If elected, a President Trump would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the complete and egregious mismanagement by Hillary Clinton when it comes to national security.

As a retort, Clinton said it was a “good thing” that someone like Donald Trump is not the one who enforces the law and then Donald Trump dropped the BOOM:

That’s because you’d be in jail,” he said, eliciting cheers and applause from the audience.

If there’s anyt10-10-2016-3-32-24-pmhing good to come from this debate, it seems the audience is much more balanced than during the first debate.

This is without a doubt one of Trump’s boldest promises he has given, and he has made some pretty bold ones.

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