President Trump Needs Our Prayers Right Now!

President Trump has been non-stop since the second he took office, working late hours and traveling to other states to take care of business. He spent this past weekend in Florida entertaining foreign dignitaries and just returned home to the White House, where he was met with some devastating news.

When you’re a leader as bold and unapologetic as Trump is, there’s nothing your detractors want to see more than your demise. While there have been countless death threats and attempts to take him out, the left feel that they finally have the smoking gun for his impeachment and it’s really as twisted as it gets.

The misguided belief that Trump is trolling around the country looking for women he can grope and encourage his fellow male Americans to do the same, hasn’t dissipated regardless of how ridiculous it is. Realtime Politics is reporting another sex scandal from within his administration that’s allegedly just surfaced which they’re referring to as another of “Trump’s vulgar displays of power when it comes to women,” and the reason he should not be President of the United States.

Like the now infamous “grab them by the p*ssy” remark that our now Commander-in-Chief said in a private conversation over a decade ago, the left dug deep into the past once again this time going as far back as 27 years for a scandal they could use against him. The found something they’re now running with, which is all based on what the now estranged wife of Trump’s nominee for the department of Labor, Andrew Puzder, accused her ex-spouse of years ago. She said that her husband sexually assaulted her and now loud mouth Oprah Winfrey is saying she has the video to prove it.

According to Politico, Oprah even went as far as to send said the footage to the Senate which is now under review, as a matter of procedure. Puzder’s ex who made the claim over two decades ago has even come to his defense over this recently saying that it’s “not all true” and is pleading with the committee reviewing it to reconsider these old allegations against her former husband. However, liberals are still running with it.

This is clearly a witch hunt against our president and anyone who works with and for him. It’s unclear what the alleged sex assault entailed or if it was a claim made in the midst of a spat years ago that’s now coming back to haunt these officials after vindictive liberals dug it up.These are allegations that can sound worse from the surface than what really happened.

Where were all of this investigative work over “Slick Willy” Bill Clinton and his many and frequent sexual exploits which are still ongoing. The left didn’t want to talk about those when he was president or when his wife ran for office. In fact, the same effort to dig any innocuous thing up on Trump was applied to the Clintons in sweet Bill’s dirty deeds under a really big rug.