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Driving a car is a responsibility unlike any other, as drivers are required to remain cognizant and aware of their surroundings at all times, and be careful not to cause harm to those around them. And while accidents can’t be easily avoided, protesters have been doing a great job at increasing the accident odds for motorists.

 Several states have been starting to say that it isn’t the driver’s fault if he hits a protester.

These same states are considering placing bills that would target the protesters which are blocking and disrupting traffic. Senator Jim Tomes the Indiana Republican proposed a measure calling on police to use all measures to disperse road-blocking crowds, while another republican from North Dakota by the name of Keith Kampenich proposed a bill to be passed that would stop motorists from taking punishment when they hit a protester.

These bills will be designed to stop protesters from blocking and disrupting traffic at the cost of other citizens.

In our country, protesters have been running all over wanting to denounce President Trump’s executive orders. In doing so they’re disrupting the flow of everyday life and blocking traffic in front of the Los Angeles airport, causing police in riot gear to confine them to a different area. But their scheme didn’t work as motorists who got caught in the protests missed their flights.

The civil rights groups say that the bill sponsors are just looking to undermine protesters and they’re prepared to fight these bills if they become law. If you ask us this is wrong as the bills are designed to stop protesters from interfering with people that don’t want to be caught up in the middle of their chaos.

 “When people get aggressive, then the peaceful assembly [right] protected in the First Amendment disappears.” And he isn’t one bit wrong.

 Either way something has to be done as a large number of motorists were left helpless as protesters attacked and damaged their cars. They even cracked the windshields of an innocent lady in the midst of their violent protests.

The reason why this bill is passed is because too many innocent people are suffering at the expense of others’ pointless chaos and destruction.

Too many people are scared to get in their car and drive in a protester-filled area in order to get to their job place or get somewhere in time without being caught up in the chaos. It is only right that if someone wants to hurt them, that they should at least have a fair choice to return the favor in some manner.

Share this article to spread the word that more and more states are getting tired of the protesters and want to do something about it. This bill is most likely to be accepted and turned into a law. Protesters will learn to control themselves, whether it is the easy or the hard way.