Putting Coffee Grounds On Your Face Can Do WONDERS For Your Skin!

The day hasn’t started until I’ve had a cup of coffee. But apparently, coffee might play yet another crucial role in my morning routine. You see, I don’t always get the amount of sleep that I should be having so I often wake up with dark circles under my eyes. And if not dark circles, I’ll wake up with puffy eyes. Either way, I’ve spent way too much money on various creams and serums, with some working better than others.

But apparently, the solution has been sitting in my kitchen this entire time. Meet Stephanie Gagnes, who has a video blog called Simplecare Products. Stephanie is a former pastry chef who, after struggling with insomnia for years, developed an all-natural concoction to reduce puffiness, fade dark circles, and clear up some allergy symptoms around the eyes. So what do you need? A tablespoon of coconut oil, a teaspoon of ground black peppercorn, and a tablespoon of coffee grounds!