Rasmussen Poll: Black Voters Could Win Trump The Election

Black voters

It recent weeks, support for Donald Trump from black voters has surged significantly, which could sway crucial swing states to the GOP and give Donald Trump the Presidency.

While the media continues to insist black support for Donald Trump is in the single digits, new polls prove otherwise. Trump is poised to win more black voters than any other Republican Presidential candidate in a generation.

Here is a breakdown of the trend toward Trump, according to Rasmussen.


That surge has leveled off, but Trump is still pulling in around 16% of black voters.


Obviously, black voters still support Hillary Clinton in greater numbers, but as we know, her support is soft. Black voters just don’t trust Hillary, and that’s trouble. Hillary needs strong support from minority voters, and if even a fraction of them shift to Trump, it could sway voting in states like Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

No Republican has won more than 25% of the black vote since Richard Nixon in 1960. If Trump’s trend continues, it could spell doom for Hillary Clinton.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit