Read This Carefully Before Applying For a College Degree..

With These College Degree You’ll Be Making Six Figures in No Time!

Many students go to universities and colleges in dream of making good money, better career and getting the life they want. But many students end up getting a Hugh loan on their head and a low job profile afterwards. Obtaining a higher degree in any random field don’t pay off. You have to be very careful when choosing the area of subject and interest you want to persue. The subject may not be of your interest or it may not hold any future importance. Thus here are some of the college degrees if you want to make a good money and career.


Engineers are always in high demand because of the demand of our society to get upgraded regularly. As per the data given by payscale top 9 of the 10 highest paying job are occupied by different sectors of engineer. Engineers can earn up to $20K per month depending upon place and experiences. Computer, petroleum, electrical, biomedical and chemical are the top engineering fields with highest salaries.

According to payscale the mid career salary of a petroleum engineer is $173K, electrical and computer engineer is $142K, chemical engineer is $139K and biomedical engineer is $137K.

Business and Marketing

The two pillars of any big and small companies are business and marketing. Fields like management, finance, computer science, entrepreneurship, relationship development, economics are the highest paying jobs within business and marketing field. Graduates can earn from 60K to 150K depending upon place and job experiences. You can work in any projects in a managerial level or CEO.


Believe me the world seems different when you are in your thirteen and when you are in your thirty. And if you choose to be a medical officer you will get rewarding benefits when you are in your thirty. Although the course is tough and competition is more tougher it makes to the number 1 on the Forbes list of top paying jobs. According to payscale cardiac surgeon can earn up to $340K per year, radiologist can earn up to $286K per year, gynecologist and neurologist earn up to $200K. There is a very high career opportunity in this field.

Nurse Anesthesia

According to payscale the mid career salary of a nurse anesthesia is $159K which makes it to our list of highest paying jobs. They provide assistance to healthcare professionals like doctors, surgeons, dentist, gynecologist, anesthesiologist and others. This is one of the career opportunities that provides you long-term benefits with little dedication.

Physics and Mathematics

If you have a great determination to contribute something to this society in science and development field, a degree in physics and mathematics is great. You can be a scientist, a researcher and a contributor. According to paysale the average median salary of people in this field is $110,000 annually.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is the field which applies statistical and mathematical principles in the field of industries, finance, insurance and others. They are mainly associated with risk analyzing and assortment. According to payscale the median average salary with this degree is $119,000.

So you have known some of the degrees that holds great future importance as well as that pays well. Pick a career in these fields and you will not get disappointed.