REVEALED: Hillary’s Shadowy “Cleaner”…

Even though we still have two more Presidential debates, speculation and discussion still go on over last Monday’s first.

While the vast majority of viewers have given the victory to Trump, citing his strong performance and boldness in the face of unjust attacks, Democrats try to analyze what he said in order to continue their war against the conservative.

Most would agree the event was rigged in Hillary’s favor, largely thanks to complicit moderator Lester Holt who attack Trump frequently, but gave Hillary passes on every issue.

But more is being said about Hillary’s odd behavior that night. A gif of her odd wiggle has circulated the Internet. Many agree she sounded robotic, almost reciting her lines like a speech. I maintain the woman was doped up on many drugs and painkillers just so she could stand at that podium.

What’s even more odd is evidence that her podium was equipped with some special device. Nobody knows exactly what is was, but there is video and photo evidence that something strange was happening that night.

Mad World News has a few of the details:

We reported on [George] Lewis, the “Cleaner,” swooping in to grab a file from Hillary’s podium after the debate and his very suspicious behavior, trying to pass the file off to Holt. Now, we have the “Cleaner” coming back a second time and disconnecting what looks like electronics under Hillary’s podium as other reports show him taking something like a mini-black box away.

Hillary’s podium did something really odd when she stepped away from it. Watch the video and look at the pics which prove Hillary’s podium’s front portion is lit up and that it goes to black as she steps away. Trump’s podium does not have this “special feature.”

So, Hillary seemed to be psychic but no earpiece could be found this time, and that is because her podium was equipped with what looks like a mini-teleprompter. Sounds crazy? It does, but after viewing all the evidence of Hillary’s special podium, you’ll see there is something really fishy going on.

It very possible something fishy was going on. But what? Some have blamed Hillary of cheating, but how do you cheat at a debate?

It could be that she knew about the questions ahead of time, a very real possibility considering her cozy relationship with the press. But the shots of some device being used on her podium has given rise to myriad speculations.

The suggestion of a mini-teleprompter isn’t so far fetched. If you watched her performance, it was clear she was simply reciting lines, not speaking personally to the viewers. She seemed to wait for a prompt before answering questions and comments from Trump. This new footage might prove she had everything written out in advance or was being fed lines from her staff behind the stage.

It’s no real surprise. Hillary Clinton is so poorly equipped for this election, certainly ill-equipped to run the country. She is often criticized for frequently changing her opinion or delaying a response, just to find the “right” thing to say. Whenever she speaks off the cuff, it’s often to her detriment.

Bending the rules of a debate to protect her image would be the very thing she’d do.

The ultimate irony is all the cheating and rigging in the world could not help her at the debate. Trump fired with both barrels, winning and making her look like a typical, phony politician.

Source: Mad World News