Sean Hannity Just Got The “Last Laugh”, Revealed His Plan To Smack Down Disloyal GOPs After Election

Sean Hannity photo

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Sean Hannity is clearly one of Fox News’ best reporters. He was one of the first to fully endorse the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, and he has done an incredible jobs holding others at Fox News who aren’t loyal to our party’s nominee accountable.

Hannity is deeply sickened by the behavior of some top-ranking politicians within the Republican party who are so petty that they still refuse to back their party’s nominee because he’s an “outsider.” They’d actually rather have Hillary win than a GOP who’s not in their establishment clubhouse.

Hannity has been doing everything he can to try to stave off the disaster of Hillary Clinton actually winning the Presidency. Top-ranking Republicans like John Kasich and Lindsey Graham have all but abdicated their leadership roles in the Republican party, so Hannity has had to fill that vacuum. Right now he is the object of their jokes, but what will happen when Trump wins?

If Trump wins, who will President Trump choose for plum cabinet positions? Will he choose disloyal GOPs like Kasich or Graham? You can bet your money that he won’t. He’ll turn to his most trusted, loyal advisors, one of them being Hannity. You can be sure many of these disloyal GOPs will lose their elected positions that they’re abusing right now. In the unlikely event that Hillary does win, and she leads our country to ruin, Hannity can stand there with his head held high, telling disloyal GOPs “I told you so.” Do you agree?