Sean Spicer Reveals Possible Problem, Causing Debate About Larger Issues Within Administration

Sean Spicer has had a hard time explaining to the American people just where Trump stands.

Is America losing Donald Trump?

No, not via impeachment, such as those like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) yammer on about, but by other means. A lot of elitists, globalists, Democrats, and various other swamp dwellers are praising Trump as he does things like praise NATO. They, for instance, are seen by Trump’s base as the reason that we are in never ending wars, stuck nation building, policing the world, and getting nothing in return. Not only that, but minds that are tied to globalism like Charles Krauthammer from Fox are saying things like “I’m Not an America Firster’ – ‘I Welcome’ Shifts In Trump Foreign Policy Doctrine.” To those that voted for Trump, this is as bad as if he had come out and chosen Mrs. Clinton as a cabinet member!

Even White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, is struggling and stammering as he tries to clarify just what in the world has seemingly happened to our populist President. Trump appears to have changed gears about the “Export-Import Bank,” Chinese currency manipulation (which IS happening), and he has said that NATO is no longer obsolete. This, while NATO has changed nothing since Trump has wisely called them out for their folly in the past, or so the left claims. Even the strike on Syria was not something that much of the President’s base core of people liked very much, and this new change is something much more severe in the eyes of many. If this is why China’s Xi is so much more willing to work with the U.S, because Trump has said (perhaps) behind closed doors that it was all fluff, then things are not going well for America at all.


The silence coming from a usually very vocal White House is causing some to question what is happening to certain core Trump ideals.

Spicer said, “I think, respectfully, I think you can look at what you’re referring to as a shift in a lot of ways, and by that I mean I saw a couple instances with respect to NATO being one of those shifts, and if you look at what’s happened, it’s those entities or individuals in some cases or issues evolving toward the president’s position.” How can that be, however? NATO has not changed on anything at all in terms of outlook. They have always wanted to attack Syria, for example, so if anyone has pivoted, it is Trump.

Well, it turns out, Trump can be given a bit of a pass on NATO. Spicer points out that Trump asked for two things; NATO to pay their fair share and for them to focus on stopping terror. Both of those things are happening, so in essence, the President has won that battle. This is one area where, while many Trump supporters will still call this a far cry from the non-interventionist policies that got him elected, he has not really flip-flopped. He said that he would fight terrorism and he is doing just that.


Since NATO has begun paying their fair share and focussing on fighting terrorists, Trump is warming up to them.

However, in some areas such as economics, the wavering in Trump’s point of view is a bit more of a problem. Yahoo News points out that many of his most loyal supporters ask, “Why has the president decided the Ex-Im Bank wasn’t such a bad idea?” They also question “Why does Trump no longer believe China is devaluing its currency, even though he has said so as recently as February?” Worry among the true believers went up a bit when Spicer said only, “It’s a very, very complex issue and I’m gonna leave it to the president to specifically answer it.” This “answering” is something that many Constitutionalists in America will want to see happen sooner rather than later. The White House really needs to produce some answers very soon if Trump’s approval rating of 48% is to remain.

Hopefully, Trump is telling world leaders what they want to hear in order to get them to work with him. Then again, maybe he is just telling the American people that he has turned his back on some of the ideals that got him elected, and that is the fear among his base. Not because Trump is distrusted, but because we have seen it so many times in the past that the trust given is quite fragile. The President has a history of keeping his word, so as it stands he has not yet betrayed anyone’s trust, but he is beginning to come close to doing so based on his latest words.


The media is buzzing about where Trump stands on certain issues. Has he shifted or have the issues?

If so, then America is going to go down the GOP path that Jeb Bush could have taken us down, which lead the aforementioned Krauthammer to say about getting our troops home. “I thought it was a mistake to enunciate a doctrine in the Inaugural Address which is, we’re coming home.” When the old guard of fossils and warmongers start praising actions that are friendly towards the NWO, one would be foolish to not ask what is going on here. America not only wanted it mentioned in the Address, but we want it in practice…YESTERDAY!


Some people are wondering if Trump has changed his position on the Export-Import Bank.

The mindset of people like the Fox News favorite is the kind of thing that got us into the Middle East to start with. Donald Trump has called out the sins and poor leadership of the Bush family to such a solid degree that they would not vote for him. He went to fight these people and win. Now many are worried that he really did not fight them at all, that they knew all along that once they had their man in office, he was going to fold. Is that true? Is that what has been done to the Trump base?

That is certainly what the Democrats would like to see all of the White House’s supporters begin to think but so far, we don’t have any facts to go that far. Oh, he has said a few things that many did not like, but he has not gotten us into any dreadful trade deals with China because he changed his mind on how they play their currency. Still, the murmuring and worry over just what could happen is something that is occurring for a reason. We are tired of bad deals, outsourcing, and endless warfare. America has come too far to allow anyone to destroy the Trump movement, even Trump himself.

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