After Debate, Pence Gave Trump the BEST PRESENT EVER!

Seconds After Last Evening’s Debate, Pence Gave Trump the BEST PRESENT EVER!

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump had an amazing night at the presidential debate. He practically destroyed Clinton turning many things against her. From the beginning, he took on a strong stance, he was confident and fierce in his attacks and has completely dominated throughout the debate.

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Still, if you ask the media, they will probably keep silent, since they need to protect Hillary in any way possible. The media would say that Trump and Pence do not see eye-to-eye regarding Russia’s foreign policy. Now, because of this, the media suspects that Pence might even drop out of the VP race.

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DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA LIES! Mike Pence’s Tweet speaks for itself…


Well, that doesn’t sound like Mike Pence is jumping ship at all. If anything, that sounds like Pence has never felt stronger about his decision to stand with Donald Trump.

Hey, Pence, We the People are with you 100%. We saw the same thing you did last night. Donald Trump showed the world that he IS a true leader, and picking you as his VP is just more proof. (H/T –Daily Mail)

If you need any more proof that Trump is the best man for the job, then just take a look at this clip from the debate:

There’s no better time to give Donald Trump all of our support and back him in this turbulent time for him.

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