SHOCK POLL: Website Admits Own Numbers MUST Be Wrong…Since Trump DESTROYED Hillary!


They say “the only poll that matters is the one on election day,” and that was never more obvious than when Buzzfeed decided to run a presidential survey — and it went horribly wrong.

The hugely popular site, known mostly for its clickbait headlines and liberal leanings, asked readers, “Who will you be voting for in the upcoming United States presidential election?”

Buzzfeed likely expected a fifty/fifty result or even one favoring Hillary. That’s not what happened. Instead, Donald Trump received 97% of the votes! It was so bad, Buzzfeed had to add a disclaimer.

MRCTV picks up the story:

As you can plainly see, Republican nominee Donald Trump is dominating in the “poll” with 11.5 million votes, followed up by “Other” at 161,000 votes, “I still haven’t decided” at 152,500 votes, and finally Clinton in dead last at 70,300 votes.

Now to be very, very clear to all the liberals already pounding away at their keyboards, I’m in no way insinuating that this is a scientific poll by any stretch of the imagination. It’s clearly just a gimmick that is used by BuzzFeed and plenty of other outlets to get their readership more engaged and drive more clicks to their website.

It is funny, though, that BuzzFeed felt it was totally necessary to put an update right above the “poll,” saying it “no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people.”

This throwaway story accidentally reveals an important point: It’s simply indisputable that enthusiasm for Donald Trump is through the roof, while excitement about Hillary’s candidacy is barely discernible. Just compare the turnout at Trump’s events.

Yes, some Trump enthusiasts no doubt encouraged their friends to vote in this poll, but the point is: Hillary fans — meaning Buzzfeed’s own readership — were unable or unwilling to do the same thing. In a weird way, this poll may turn out, in hindsight, to be more revealing than first thought.

Credit: MRCTV