Exposed: Hillary Vote Rigging Scheme… Everywhere

So, we all know that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been the subject of mockery and criticism, even by our very own President Obama when he claimed that the election is and is going to be rigged. Well, the “myth” behind this claim is slowly being debunked. Just read the email below and see for yourselves.

VIA The Gateway Pundit

From a Trump supporter:
I am a single, Republican mother of two younger kids in small town Illinois. Within my friends, I keep seeing and hearing of all these examples of voter fraud going on right now with Trump supporters.

Three well-respected people within the same household in my town who mailed in their ballots in favor of Trump went online to make sure their votes were counted – only to find they were not going to be counted because the signatures on the ballot didn’t match those on their letter. They would have never seen this if they hadn’t gone online to verify!


How many others who have no thought to follow up on their vote are having the same thing happen to them?

We are TERRIFIED in small towns across America of what influence Democrats and the Clinton campaign are having on the votes.

Do not be gullible or easily deceived! There’s more to this than the media are saying.

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