SHOCKING New Details About Alicia Machado

Haven’t we all forgotten about Alicia Machado already?

Apparently, this bitter and disgraceful former pageant winner tried to jump on the Clinton bandwagon, seeking a few more minutes in the spotlight, by attacking GOP candidate Donald Trump.

She made allegations that Trump sad mean things to her while she was a Miss Univ10-9-2016-5-09-32-pmerse contestant, things that no one has proof of. This gave liberal, corrupt publications erroneous ammo to suggest Trump was a sexist.

Soon we learned that golden child Machado was by no means a model citizen. Despite gaining U.S. citizenship and casting her support for Hillary, she has a shady passed.

It turns out; she’s exactly the criminal that Trump wants to keep out of America.

Hmm… maybe that’s why she was so against him?

From Independent Journal:

Machado was, in fact, filmed having sex while she was on a reality show. She was engaged to former Philadelphia Phillies player Bobby Abreu — but he called it off when the video was leaked. Shortly afterward, she became the first Miss Universe to appear in Playboy magazine.

Machado was allegedly the getaway driver in an attempted murder. The judge in the case, Maximilian Fuenmayor, ordered the main suspect, Machado’s then-boyfriend, Juan Rodriguez, be arrested and jailed.

The judge then claimed that a woman identifying herself as Machado called him after the ruling, threatening to use her friendship with Venezuelan President Rafael Caldera to, he said, “make sure that my career as a judge is ruined and then she would kill me.”  

Yeah, not a great personality to lead a campaign. Though, ironically, she’s just the kind of person Hillary Clinton would like.

Recently Machado stated she would no longer be engaging in this futile fight. Of course not, dear, you’ve lost. If you keep pushing it, there’s the danger that more of your sordid past would come to light. And you might be in danger of going to jail.

She did have a few more nasty things to say about Trump, all unsubstantiated.

So once again another attack from the left has failed. Can we all please move on?

Source: Independent Journal