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Things in life don’t always go as planned. You go to the store, buy a bunch of expensive ingredients for your baked dinner dish, and then the oven goes on the fritz. You plan to spend your day off at the beach, when suddenly the forecast unexpectedly calls for rain. The world can feel unkind, like a root canal despite your perfect dental habits. But hey, that’s life!

Then there’s also the case of feeling like life just isn’t fair. You work hard at your job and don’t get the praise you ask for. You despise your job, but refuse to quit.

Sometimes it takes putting things into perspective to remember how good you really have it, how minor your problems. The following photos capture some truly historic, and some truly devastating, moments. Read the captions, study the photos, and perhaps gain the perspective you need.

This 86-year-old World War II Veteran from Belarus sits on a bench as he awaits his comrades on victory day in Moscow, Russia.

A Boy Attempts To Wake Up His Alcoholic Father. 

Little Do These Two Smiling Women Know There Is A Homeless Man Sleeping Outside The Diner They Are In.

A Stunning Image Of The Orange Sossusvlei Sand Dunes In Namibia. 

This Monk Is Praying For A Dead Man In A Train Station Hall In China. The Man Passed Of Natural Causes While Waiting For A Train. 

A Devastated Girl Sits Among The Rubble of the Tsunami That Hit Japan in 2011.  

Clouds Undulating in the Sky

An Image of Hundreds of Galaxies Through The Hubble Deep Field, As They Were 10 Billion Years Ago.

A Man Using The Suicide Hotline At the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Called “The Last Jew in Vinnitsa,” This Image Shows A Member Of Einsatzgruppe D — a Nazi SS Death Squad — Moments Before Shooting a Jewish Man Kneeling Before A Filled Mass Grave in Ukraine. Of the 28,000 Jews living in Vinnitsa, Every Single One Was Massacred

Neil Armstrong After Walking On The Moon. 

A 2005 Photograph Of Sunset on Mars.