SPOILER ALERT! Entire plot for Game Of Thrones season 7 ‘leaked’ online

Spoilers are coming. The entire plot of Game Of Thrones season seven has reportedly been leaked online.

Spoilers are coming: The entire plot for Game Of Thrones season 7 has been 'leaked' online... and the story is insane

This could have been shrugged off as fan guesswork… until reliable GOT news site Watchers on the Wall began confirming some of the plot points via sources and on set photographs.

Then the Redditor’s account was suddenly deleted.

HBO has remained uncharacteristically silent about the supposed leak, compared to the uproar caused when a number of season five episodes were leaked online.

If the leak is genuine, it forewarns a pregnancy, a hookup, the return of some beloved characters, the end of some great houses, lots of character deaths of course, and a defection that will make fans’ jaws hit the floor.