Stranded Family Delighted To Be Rescued By The Hogwarts Express Train

Credit: BBC

A precarious situation turned into an extraordinary — and memorable — adventure, thanks to diligent law enforcement workers and the “Hogwarts Express” train from the Harry Potter franchise.

Jon and Helen Cluett, along with their four children, were vacationing in the Scottish Highlands and decided to stay in a small cottage, located in Lochaber. Because it is so remote, the family bypassed the 3-mile walk and instead, took a 10-minute canoe ride up the river instead.

Once the family reached the cabin, they tied the canoe to some rocks and spent the night. When they woke up, however, the canoe was missing. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, Jon and Helen decided the walk back to their car with all of their possessions would be too strenuous and dangerous. So, they called the local police and asked for help. A wave of relief swept over the family when they learned aid was on its way. However, they could never have guessed what type of transportation was on its way…

Credit: FOX News

Instead of arranging a mountain rescue, the police contacted the Hogwarts Express train from the Harry Potter films. The train, which is also known as the Jacobite, gives tours across the Scottish Highlands. Fortunately, it happened to be passing through the area when Jon called the police, allowing the family to board it 400 yards away from the cabin.

“The train is getting closer, we’re running down, stuff bouncing everywhere, big smiles on the kids’ faces. It all started to be fun at that point,” Jon told the BBC. “I’m slightly sad because I’d lost my boat – but the kids, when they saw the steam train coming, all sadness left their little faces and was replaced by excitement and fun – just the real joy of having an adventure and having the train stop right next to them.”

The Cluetts enjoyed their ride then were dropped off close to their car. You can bet the entire family won’t be forgetting this magical adventure anytime soon.

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