Juan Williams Made Dumbest Excuse Ever For Killary

It’s hard to believe that there could be a dumber person on Fox News than Geraldo Rivera. But, sad to say, there is: it’s moron liberal Juan Williams from The Five.

Juan recently tried to defend Hillary Clinton and her disturbing track record of being bribed, and it backfired on him completely. He actually made Hillary Clinton look like even more of a criminal.

Juan was asked about the email leak that revealed Hillary’s pay to play fraud charity accepted $ 12 million in bribe money from the Muslim King of Morocco in exchange for favors.

Williams stated that the humongous $ 12 million bribe was simply a “donation” and that “she was trying to be a loyal soldier to the family foundation.” the internet erupted in mockery of Juan.

Wrote one Twitter user, “Juan belongs back at NPR. He is so dishonest.” Do you agree that Juan is an idiot for thinking that a $ 12 million bribe is a “donation”? Watch below: