T-Rex Competes In American Ninja Warrior And It Is Beyond Hilarious

Unusual scenes have emerged from the internet as a tyrannosaurus rex competed in the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior.

65 million years of extinction couldn’t stop this guy from powering through the famous course, despite weighing an astonishing five tonnes.

It’s one of the bravest attempts in the show’s history as the T-rex’s little arms were stretched to the very limit.

We are convinced this will the most nail biting sporting event you will see all year.

The Rex’s flailing neck throughout the entire run gave the whole event a serious sense of hilarity and had the audience in stitches from start to finish.

The commentary was also on top form and only added to the comedy value with lines like “This predator is eating up this course” and “This T-rex is dominating!”

It was a brilliant effort from the dino – he really did surpass expectations – but how did he get on?

Sadly, this prehistoric competitor wasn’t able to complete every stage of the course, as his small arms became a problem during the spin cycle element. However, that didn’t dampen his spirit and determination.

Jurassic World came to mind when he successfully conquered the wall run at the end of the course.

This isn’t the first time one of these hilarious t-rex costumes have taken the world by storm. It seems as though the whole world have been doing extreme sports, pranks and even everyday hobbies in them.

No matter what you wear this costume for – it will always be funny.

So, what will be next for this popular costume? We are hoping for a charity football match.

If you haven’t already got one of your own, but are eager to give your life a prehistoric spark, they are available on eBay.

Inflatable costumes are delicate, so if you’re clumsy and fear that you will burst one, splash the cash on a more sturdy animatronic raptor and run riot across your work place with it.

What would you do in a t-rex costume? Let us know!