Tapper: Leaked Emails Show Clinton Allies ‘Frustrated At Their Own Candidate’

10-15-2016-10-40-38-pmTapper: Leaked Emails Show Clinton Allies ‘Frustrated At Their Own Candidate’

CNN’s Jake Tapper said that the newest leaked emails from John Podesta show that Hillary Clinton’s own allies were “frustrated” with Clinton on Friday’s The Lead.

“There is a lot of stuff being published by Wikileaks over which Clinton’s own people have expressed frustration over their own candidate,” Tapper said.

Tapper said that Clinton’s lack of public campaign appearances just 25 days ahead of the election appears to look like the campaign is shielding her from the controversy that  is bubbling up from the hacked emails from Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman.

Tapper pointed out one attack line that was ready for use in Clinton’s 2008 run for the presidency against then-Sen. Barack Obama. The attack line questioned the faith of Obama’s father and Obama’s time spent in Indonesia.

Drew Griffin reported that, in the emails, Clinton’s allies were nervous about how the presidential candidate was handling the situation around her private email server.

In one chain of emails about Clinton’s interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell right after the scandal broke, the general consensus was that Clinton had a great interview but Podesta pointed out that the press noticed that Clinton did not apologize to the American people about the server.

Neera Tanden replied that Clinton’s biggest “Achilles heel” was that she does not apologize.

“Everone wants her to apologize. And she should. Apologies are like her Achilles heel. But she didn’t seem like a bitch in the interview. And she said the word sorry. She will get to a full apology in a few interview,” Tanden wrote.

Griffin said that when aides were coming up with Clinton’s initial statement about the email server there were discussions about bringing up discussions with secretaries of state, Robby Mook said that he felt strongly that other secretaries not be brought into the situation.

Clinton has said multiple times that other secretaries of state had told her that they had used personal email addresses during their time at the State Department.

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