Texas Man Fakes Vandalism, Blames Racism To Collect Cash

A Texas man who spray-painted his own garage with racist graffiti that said “N—er lovers,” set his truck and motorcycle on fire on his front lawn and used the episode of fake vandalism to collect cash from unsuspecting stranger with big hearts has reportedly checked into a mental hospital and will be arrested for the hoax upon his release. David Williams, 34, a resident of Denton, Texas, claimed his family was victimized by a racist hate crime on the morning of Dec. 12. The family made a police report, and authorities launched an arson investigation and determined the incident was a hate crime.

Before Williams confessed to doing the hate crime himself, a GoFund Me page was set up for the family, but now Jenny Williams has stopped the page and said all the donations will be returned. Following the incident, Jenny Williams explained the hate crime in detail, saying “It just so happens that we aren’t as racist as someone would like us to be.”

Jenny Williams also said she and her husband’s insurance would not cover the fire damage of their vehicles, asking residents to donate to help pay for her family’s Christmas gifts.

“The kids won’t be able to have anything under the Christmas tree due to this horrible act,” wrote Jenny Williams. “Please if you find it in your heart please donate what you can to help this family of 6 out.”

Acts of Racism have never been more prevalent than in the last eight years. Perhaps a result of this administrations focus on racism. There has been so much talk about race, and race relations but not in a constructive way.  President Obama could have been the catalyst to start a real conversation on racism but instead he chose to be a victim. His focus was on victim-hood. Hate crime hoaxes have been on the rise since President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory against Hillary Clinton, with most recently, a New York City Muslim woman hoaxing an attack by Trump supporters, as Breitbart Texas reported.

David Williams, 34 and Jenny Williams