The Outrageous Snapchat Trend Everyone Is Talking About

Nowadays it seems like everyone who is famous will have had plastic surgery at some point. One day they are looking relatively ‘normal’ and we don’t feel as bad for not walking around like we’ve just stepped out of Vogue. But then one day they are captured looking significantly different and they become a 2.0 version of themselves!

But it’s not just the rich and famous who commit to plastic surgery. There are thousands of people who choose to suffer, all in the name of beauty and now the rest of us can be a fly on the wall thanks to a new Snapchat trend documenting all sorts of procedures.


Various companies and plastic surgeons are snapping pictures of boob jobs, bum lifts and perfectly tucked tummies. We guess it’s all in the name of business and self advertising!

From day to day, Snapstories contain very graphic demonstrations of popular procedures, without the need for smileys to cover explicit content #freethenipple.

We never thought we’d see the day where it became the norm to watch a woman’s breasts being sliced open but hey, there’s a first time for everything! Watching ‘Botched’ or ‘Extreme Make over’ no longer ‘cuts it’ for viewers.


Dr. Michael Salzhauer (aka Doctor Miami), who warns his viewers about upcoming graphic content before sharing snaps, said:

“It’s like having your own reality show in your pocket, but better because you have no censors or network to answer to. You just do whatever you feel is entertaining or funny- and educational.”

The audience is widespread, too! Doctor Miami narrowly missed out on this years Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year. He didn’t realise how far reaching Snapchat was and explained that it was his teen daughter who introduced him to the app after his Instagram account was deleted “violating community standards.”

It appears this is another step in the direction of blurring the lines between what has always been deemed for private showing vs what is now perfectly acceptable in the public eye. We guess as long as the patient consents, there really is no harm in baring flesh for the rest of us to see, even if it is being injected into a soon-to-be Kim K booty!