The Simple Trick to Lowering Your Golf Handicap by 30%



No matter how long you’ve played golf, you’re probably well-aware that it’s a sport in which you can try, try, try and fail to improve. You spend thousands of dollars on lessons, watch numerous videos, and read as many articles as you can, but your game is inconsistent and frustrating.

The million dollar question remains: Golf is hard, but should it be that hard?

According¬† to A.J. Bonar, master teaching pro for players on the PGA and LPGA tours, the answer is a resounding “NO.” Our greatest problem is that we tend to complicate the golf swing.

In fact, Bonar has discovered there is one best-kept secret in golf that has the power to revolutionize your game. It’s all about a single “Magic Move” used by Tiger Woods and every other Tour pro in the world. The move works perfectly with every single club in your golf bag, while serving to free your mind and body for optimum performance.

In his 3-Part DVD series The Truth About Golf, Bonar makes one of the boldest claims in golf history: “Teachers have been coaching the wrong swing for decades.”

On the surface, this looks like a slap in the face to golfers everywhere, but through the success of thousands of students, Bonar has proven his theory correct time and again. He asserts that the majority of teachers have been using methods that both confuse and paralyze budding golfers.

“They are taught to worry about their shoulders, head, and hips,” says Bonar. So much so, that the natural beauty of their swing is decimated and their power depleted. “By knowing exactly where the face of your club is in your hands at any given time, you gain control over the ball.”

Bonar’s entire teaching method is captured in his bestselling DVD series. He walks you step-by-step through the “Magic Move,” which focuses on timing and point of impact, as well as other simple yet profound insights and tips. This winning combo has made Bonar’s series The Truth About Golf so tremendously popular on The Golf Channel and why he’s been featured several times in leading publications including Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine.

And now you can take your game to the next level, while simplifying your understanding of the golf swing, by owning The Truth About Golf series on DVD.

In a matter of moments, you will learn how to better use every club in your bag and be able to hit the course with confidence.¬† Bonar’s instruction will save you a tremendous amount of money on golf lessons (which often don’t lead you to a greater understanding of how to hit each club) and precious time.

This isn’t just speculation. Golf Labs, the developer of testing standards for the club, shaft, and ball testing, put Bonar’s method to the test. The organization analyzed 17 participants who watched Bonar’s DVDs and found that all of the golfers increased their distance and improved their accuracy. Fans of Bonar’s strategy even say they reduced their handicap by 30 percent and hit drives 30 yards longer.

Plus, when you order the DVD series for $89.95, you’ll receive a free subscription to Golf Tips Magazine and a 2-ball sleeve of Taylor Made Burner golf balls.

“The key is simplicity,” says Bonar. Get started on lowering your handicap by 30 percent (or more), adding at least 30 yards, and playing the kind of golf you’ve always dreamed of!

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