The Top 10 Celebrities Who Use Virgin Coconut Oil

10 Surprising Ways Celebs Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been used for centuries in cooking and household use. But its seems like nowadays celebrities have taken a step forward to make this oil more visible. Coconut oil is definitely one of the healthiest oil you can use in your cooking but do you know that coconut oil has many beauty benefits alongside. Well if you don’t know, check out from these celebs.

1. The young talent Erin Heatherton says that she has accidently find out a secret benefit of coconut oil. She once rubbed coconut oil in her face and hands when she was in a hurry. She was in kitchen at that time blow drying her hair. She then found that that the coconut oil works as a antibacterial product as well.

2. Gisele is using coconut oil to make sweets. Interesting isn’t it? She believes if we can prepare sweets out of coconut, why not use coconut oil. She once made a birthday cake for her son using coconut oil and she is a fan of coconut oil since then. So here is her recipe. Blend dates, cocoa powder and coconut oil in a mixture. Add milk to the mixture and bake the cake. Your fantastic coconut oil cake is ready.

3. Suki Waterhouse has strong love to her hair. She admits that she always oil her hair, message her hand and feet with coconut oil. She has developed this as a regular habit as this provides good moisturizer to her hair, feet and hands.

4. Do you know the reason behind the perfect shape of this supermodel Miranda? She admits that taking four teaspoon of coconut oil per day has helped her maintaining her figure. She takes coconut oil with salads, green tea or either drizzling over her food.

5. Angelina Jolie is a big fan of coconut oil, we have to admit it. She doesn’t consume coconut oil in teaspoon, she consumes it in tablespoon. This world famous actor and producer mixes coconut oil with cereal and consume it in her breakfast. That might be the reason for her flawless skin even at that age.

6. Well, we mentioned Angelina Jolie, but do you know that Brad Pitt’s ex wife Jennifer Aniston is a diehard fan of coconut oil as well. She even make homemade tortillas and nachos in coconut oil. She admits that chips like tortillas and nachos are her favorite snack and she love to snack them anytime, anywhere.

7. Blake Lively once confessed in a interview that her mom used to give her coconut oil massage daily to her hair. This is the reason her hair is healthy strong and strong. She has admitted that she always message her hair with coconut oil before shampoo and it has helped her get that healthy hair she has always wanted.

8. On the other hand Emma Stone has discovered a very new technique of using coconut oil. She has a very sensitive skin and easily gets allergic reaction to her face. Thus she has been using coconut oil as makeup remover. Coconut oil has anti allergic properties and she says it feels like heaven to finish off your day with coconut oil massage over her face.

9. Well talking celebs who have a strong craze for coconut oil, here is what Kourtney Kardashian once wrote on her private blog. “I love the smell of this tropical food so much that I eat Coconut oil each and every day. It has helped me maintain my weight , boost metabolism and immunity, worked as an anti wrinkle therapy and controls sugar cravings.”

10. The famous Lykke Li has confessed that she finds coconut oil very amazing and she has been using coconut oil for greasing her hair to sipping with coffee. In fact she has been using coconut oil for almost everything.