There’s Major Fuckery Afoot With The Washington Post, And I Think I Know Why

Caitlin Johnstone –

Some days it’s slow news, some days Chelsea Manning gets released from prison while the CIA-funded Washington Post fans the flames of more Russia nonsense, the New York Times pushes more Syrian war propaganda insisting that Assad is literally Hitler, and evidence finally surfaces of Seth Rich’s connection to WikiLeaks. Julian Assange recently forecast a Niagara-like deluge of leaks following FBI director James Comey’s sacking by the Trump administration, and if today’s revelations are a taster of the meal that’s coming, you’d better not fill up on bread.

Julian Assange @JulianAssange
FBI source says the FBI will now start leaking leaking like Niagara. But please FBI friends full docs or you know the press will spin it!

Fox News has just corroborated with its own source a story that broke yesterday about a report from former DC homicide investigator Rod Wheeler, who has been working for Seth Rich’s family as a private investigator looking into the former DNC staffer’s murder. Both Wheeler’s sources and Fox News’ assert that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks leading up to his death, which casts the official story of his murder being the result of a random mugging into serious doubt for anyone who isn’t a glue-huffing imbecile. The Twitter accounts of both WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been tweeting about this story as well, if you needed a bit more convincing.

So that’s a thing now. Until today, Seth Rich was someone you just weren’t allowed to talk about, like Voldemort or the Rothschilds, but no more. The days when we could be called crazy conspiracy theorists exploiting a man’s death for political gain and upsetting his grieving family are officially over. The police would not be holding onto his laptop if this were some random mugging; we all know what this is. We’re allowed to talk about Seth Rich now, but the Washington Post wants us talking about Russia.

The Washington Post, if you need a refresher, was purchased in 2013 by Jeff Bezos, who as the fifth wealthiest person on planet Earth has billions upon billions of reasons to want to maintain the status quo that has made his extreme financial dominance possible. That same year, Bezos was awarded a $ 600 million contract (more than twice what the Post cost him) with the Central Intelligence Agency, a conflict of interest which Bezos’ paper to this day never discloses per universal journalistic protocol when reporting on US intelligence. Prior to the purchase, Bezos had proved his loyalty to America’s unelected power establishment by booting WikiLeaks from Amazon’s computer servers in 2010. Since the purchase, WaPo has become the single most virulently pro-establishment outlet in the top-tier corporate media, as well as a preferred outlet for leaks from the CIA, and has been shamelessly lying about Russia ever since the 2016 elections.

The Intercept
WashPost is richly rewarded for false news about Russia threat while public is deceived  by @ggreenwald

Photo published for WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

In the current D.C. climate on Russia, all relevant journalistic incentives encourage and reward false news.

So I think it’s understandable if people want to take it with a teensy weensy grain of salt when this glorified CIA trade rag tells us that anonymous sources say Donald Trump is colluding with those darn Russians again. In fact, I think it’s understandable if, knowing what we know about the CIA’s massive surveillance systems, we all found the timing of this release to be highly suspicious. After all, the fact that it’s getting harder and harder to dispute that the DNC emails WikiLeaks published were indeed a leak and not a hack does put a major damper on the “Russia hacked the election” narrative that corporate propaganda outlets like WaPo have been hammering the American consciousness with day in and day out since July of last year. Seth Rich being the leaker effectively kills the entire Russian hacking narrative, and thus the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative that was built upon it, and thus all the manipulations which were built upon the collusion narrative. Could the CIA have known in advance that this propaganda-killing narrative was about to hit the airwaves? Of course. Would they have wanted to distract America in order to ensure the continued manufactured consent for escalations with Putin and regime change in Syria? Yes. Did they? Come on.

You guys want to know something really creepy? While I was cheerfully bashing WaPo as I normally do, a reader pointed out that The Nation had just removed one of its articles from 2013, in which it reported on the controversy surrounding Bezos, WaPo, and the CIA. That article has been a great resource for people like me who like to spread the word about this stuff, because it was the only semi-mainstream outlet that had reported on it. That article has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity ever since CIA leaks to the Washington Post got the ball really rolling on the anti-Russia hysteria late last year, but it was gone. When readers tried to access the article, this was the message that they got:

It seemed very suspicious for such an important article about the intelligence community’s ties to the Washington Post to go missing at the same time WaPo decides to stir up Russia collusion nonsense using anonymous sources again; reader James Foster of Indiana University reported that he’d just used that very article for a college paper last week. So I kicked up a bit of a social media fuss:

Hey @thenation! Why did you pull the story about WaPo’s CIA ties? I share it regularly; it was there until recently 

A bunch of readers joined in, but The Nation never responded to all the noise we were making. Not that it would have made a difference if they had, because what they did end up doing made the whole thing so much creepier: they put the article back, but with today’s date, time stamped just a few minutes prior to when the first reader discovered it had been restored.

This article is from 2013. Click this hyperlink here to see an archive of the page that someone made in December of last year, still with the 2013 date. They went all that time without messing with the article, then on the day the CIA-tied Washington Post runs what is almost certainly a deep state psy-op, they start dicking around with it. I can’t get both dates from the archive in one screenshot so you’ll have to click that hyperlink to fact check me, but here’s the first one; note the date in the bottom left corner:

And here’s another screenshot with the date the archive was made in the top right corner:

How fucking weird is that?? What fuckery is this? Who the fuck is diddling this article which is constantly used in online discourse to dismiss the Washington Post’s establishment psy-ops, on the exact day that they launch an establishment psy-op? Were they going to take it down but put it back up when people started making a fuss? Or were they just trying to make it harder to find and harder to get to (as readers have been reporting it now is) and we caught them in the middle of the operation? What the foot-fucking fuckered bedevilry??

Well CIA, good luck sabotaging the Seth Rich story when we’re all watching your manipulations and keeping careful track of your movements. Good luck manufacturing consent for your regime change in Syria and replacing Putin with a nice Yeltsin-like puppet. Good luck stopping Russia from collaborating with China and other allies to move away from the US dollar as a reserve currency and taking control of Syria’s strategic location in your moronic fossil fuel battles. More and more of us are watching you creeps, and we’re not buying any of it.

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