23 Natural Phenomena Scientists Are Stumped By

Ever feel bad that you don”t know everything there is to know in the world? That”s okay. No one, not even people at the tops of their fields, knows everything. There are things all across the globe–and beyond–that continue to befuddle scientists and researchers. Here are 23 of them:

1. The Sun”s corona











The corona is made of plasma, but for some reason, it”s hotter than the surface of the sun itself. The sun”s surface is about 5,800 degrees Kelvin, but the corona can reach 1 to 3 million degrees, Kelvin. That”s really hot.

2. Animal migration

Animal migration

All kinds of animals migrate, but somehow, they all know how to do it and where to go, even if they”re separated from others of their species. How the knowledge got hardwired in there is still a mystery.


3. The Hum

The Hum

Several places are known to have “the hum,” which is a low-frequency humming or droning sound whose source remains unclear. Taos, NM, is best known for its hum, but only 2% of the population has the ability to hear it. That 2 % find it super irritating.