These Children Were Asked What Makes Them Different, And Their Responses Will Blow You Away

Credit: BBC’s CBeebies network

What makes you different from others? If an adult were asked this question, they’d likely respond that their skin color is darker/lighter or that they work in a profession dissimilar to most others. If a child was asked this question, they’d answer in a drastically different way, as the following video reveals.

Filled by the BBC’s CBeebies network, the commercial shows several pairs of children appearing in different settings. All appear different from a physical perspective. Some kids vary in ethnicity and mobility, for instance.

Once their attention has been captured, they are asked what makes them different from each other. As can be viewed below, the children respond in unexpected ways. The ultimate takeaway from the video is that children see the world in a very different way than most adults and that their insights can sometimes offer some much-needed perspective.

Watch the video below:

According to GoodNewsNetwork, the commercial was created to let children know that “everyone is welcome” — regardless of how different they might be compared to others.

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