This Boy Was Kicked Out Of Class Because Of His Haircut

This Boy Was Kicked Out Of Class Because Of His Haircut

Throughout our teenage years, whether our parents agreed with it or not, we experimented with our hair. From dying it bright and bold colors to giving it a whole new style – that we regretted the next day obviously.

Whether we were following the latest trend or trying to express our individuality, we couldn’t help ourselves. We only wish we’d listened to our parents who warned us against it, though; we’d have saved on embarrassing pictures and having to regrow our hair after a short blunt cut that we immediately hated.

Few people get through their teenage years without changing and ruining their hair in one way or another, but this one boy managed to avoid cutting his hair – at all – until he was 17 years old.

Julien sported the same hairstyle for years, long brown hair that was over a foot long in length. His hair was his identity all the way through school, but one day he decided that enough was enough and decided to do something drastic.

His sister said that his main motive for chopping off his hair and ditching the hippie look he had had for so long was that he was fed up of the maintenance that his hair required.

Cutting off even a small amount of hair can be difficult, and you can’t help but feel sad when you hear the scissors snip and see your hair fall to the floor. Thankfully, to make the ordeal a little easier, Julien didn’t let his hair go to waste and instead, he donated it to a charity that creates wigs for those who have lost their hair due to medical conditions.

Julien had his hair put into three pony tails and snipped away, before what was remaining of his locks was trimmed and styled. After the cut, he looked unrecognizable, but thankfully despite the drastic change in his hair, it suited him perfectly.

When he attended school the next day he was kicked out of one of his classes as his teacher didn’t recognize him as a student, they taught. To truly appreciate the full extent of his transformation you have to see it for yourself which you can do by clicking play on the video below.

The reactions of the friends and family are priceless.



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