This Is The Exact Moment Hillary Realized She Lost The Debate

This Is The Exact Moment Hillary Realized She Lost The Debate

The second Presidential debate was one of the most heated that we’ve ever seen, but one moment in particular marked the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I don’t think Trump has ever been more candid, fighting for what we as Americans know to be true, and making it sting his opponent just that little bit more.

Hillary Clinton was asked a question regarding her emails, and she replied with saying that Donald Trump will be fact checked and proved to be wrong, which in itself is a false statement. She then goes on to say that unfortunately Trump doesn’t control or make his own laws, to which he immediately replied “Yeah, because then you’d be in jail.

BOOM. Scorched Earth met with thunderous applause from the audience. Hillary put her tail between her legs, with a grumpy look for the rest of the debate. She wasn’t ready for this kind of debate, and the poll numbers showed it, both during and after the debate, even though the liberal media would never have you believe it.

During the debate:

And after the debate:



This is the end of Hillary’s campaign, and if Trump can be taken on his word, she’ll see the inside of a jail cell this time next year. I cannot be more excited. Let’s get out this November and make it happen.

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