The Smarter Way To The Healthy More Fit Life You’ve Wanted!

Moov | The Wearable Fitness Tracker For Personal Training and Coaching!Do you have the desire to lose weight and get healthy but just lack the motivation? Tired of spending a ton of money on personal trainers and trying quick fix fads that just don’t work or don’t last?

Well, fear not, we’ve found the perfect product to get you in shape – and stay in shape!

Moov is more than just a calorie counter and activity tracker. It’s a bracelet that tracks your movements and acts as your personal trainer and coach. Using 3D motion capture technology, the bracelet software will analyze how you perform workouts and give you tips on how to improve your activity to avoid injury and improve performance and see results. Moov also speaks to and motivates you as you workout. It even lets you connect with friends who have it so you can have some healthy competition!

Moov is a unique and refreshing new way to work out. Where most fitness trackers only count calories and track steps, Moov’s cool approach to fitness is the next step in health products and technology. Motivating you, tracking your movement and improving your fitness through this software is an incredible experience.  If you’re interested in losing weight or just improving your fitness level, we highly recommend checking out Moov!