This Woman Is Single-Handedly Buying Houses For The Homeless In Her City

Credit: ABC

“Be the change you want to see” is a mantra many have heard of, but few take to heart. Jessica Pearce of Melbourne, Victoria, is one individual who hasn’t ignored the sage advice. Rather than wait for city officials to address the homeless problem in her area, she is single-handedly purchasing houses to assist those who live on the streets.

ABC Radio Melbourne reports that within a period of just a couple of days, Pearce purchased four different properties. Apparently, buying them within a short time frame resulted in lower prices. The properties are also in cheaper areas of the city — rather than the expensive — which helped her and her romantic partner afford them.

At present, the good Samaritan is in discussion over the legal management of the buildings, which are located in Moe, Lara, Morwell, and Coria. The intention is to renovate the homes into short-term transitional housing, or more long-term accommodation for families seeking permanent homes.

Reportedly, Pearce became inspired to help those down on their luck when her partner accidentally stumbled upon a Melbourne street that was flooded with homeless people on old mattresses and in sleeping bags. At first, they both handed out $ 20 and $ 50 bills to those they met. They didn’t feel it was enough, however.

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Inspired to do more, the duo took in an impoverished homeless father who couldn’t afford housing. They paid for his stay at a motel for one month so he could get on his feet again. Eventually, Pearce and her partner decided that even more could be done, so they purchased the four properties. 

And, it all started after stumbling across that street in Melbourne. She said,

“I guess we felt shocked and I suppose a bit guilty — we didn’t realize how bad the housing situation in Melbourne was. I guess it just touched me and I thought that maybe there was something that we could do.”

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