Tom Brady Gets PERFECT Revenge

Tom Brady Gets PERFECT Revenge After NFL Tries To Punish Him For Being Friends With Trump

Liberals can’t catch a break. Every time they talk sh*t, it blows up in their face like someone with a bad case of Taco Bell diarrhea. It must happen all the time because that’s all liberals speak anyway.

People from the NFL and liberals have shunned Tom Brady for being friends with Donald Trump. Liberals are now trying to tell people who to be friends with.

The liberals are becoming everything they hate. They literally hate themselves. I’ve always thought they hated themselves anyway. Why would you protest something? Because you’re bored and have no life. If someone asked me “do you want to protest blah blah blah on Saturday?” I would say “No because I have a life and I’m not that bored that I want to go swing signs and yell things that no one listens to” and I’m not a loser.

Tom Brady is laughing his Patriot butt off right now as he learns that he is the TOP SELLER of football merchandise. Ever since liberals attacked him, he’s shot up the charts and he’s laughing all the way to the bank and the hall of fame. He also wears nice suits. That’s not important, but he dresses much nicer than our guy Trump.


Despite the liberal sports writers circling Tom Brady and trying to destroy him over his friendship with President Donald Trump, fans seem to be in love with the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots quarterback. According to a recent look at merchandise sales, Brady is the top seller.

A recent look at merchandise sales finds that from March through November of 2016 Brady topped the list for sales of jerseys and other NFL paraphernalia, ESPN reported, noting that this covers the time period when Brady was under scrutiny for his part in Deflategate, and served his four-game suspension.

Brady led the league during that time in all jersey sales as well as in NIKE college jersey sales (Brady’s Michigan jersey). The Patriots star also led in sales of Oyo brand sports toy figures.

That’s what you get for trying to tell adults who they can be friends with. Who are you people, their fake liberal parents? Get a life, you losers!

Let me spill some truth for you. I’m friends with republicans, independents, and democrats. I don’t ask who people align with. I judge them based on their actions and how well we get along. Nothing else matters. I don’t care what color, sex, religion, or political party they align with. If you’re a good person, then none of that nonsense matters when you’re spending time with friends and family. That is the true meaning of America.

My friends/family debate topics with a sense of humor. We know that whatever happens in government, that we, ourselves, are all good people no matter who we prefer politically.

We don’t disassociate with someone because of who they voted for or who they’re friends with…unless it’s a refugee, screw them.

I won’t ever tell them who to be friends with and they don’t do it to me. None of us argue. None of us hate each other. We’re raising our kids together and one day these kids will hold important jobs in important places because they’re growing up well rounded and open minded.

We, the right wingers, are raising tolerant kids who wouldn’t care if Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump. And let’s face it, Trump is the President. ANYONE would want to be friends with the President. That’s awesome!!

And by the way, stupid liberals, Brady and Trump have been golf buddies for a long time. This was way before Trump was President. You don’t tell someone to stop being friends with another guy because YOU don’t like the guy.


I wanted the Falcons to win the Super Bowl, but if the Patriots win, then I’m laughing hard at the liberals because I know they’ll be like this:

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