Top 20 Amazing Palaces in the World

Chateau de Versailles, The Chateau de Versailles was originally built as a hunting lodge, but became the opulent palace celebrated in film and literature under Louis XIV, who moved his entire court from Paris to Versailles. Although peasants stormed it during the French Revolution, visitors today can see how the Sun King and his court lived thanks to extensive restorations. Walk through the Hall of Mirrors, where balls were hosted, the State Apartments, Private Apartments, and the elaborately fashioned grounds with fountains, gardens, and mazes. The Opera de Versailles, which still performs shows today, is one of the world’s most amazing opera houses. Don’t miss the Hameau de la Reine, a rustic cottage built on the palace grounds where Marie Antoinette used to go to escape the hectic court life and pretend to be a shepherdess.


Where: Versailles, France
Insider Tip: A visit to Versailles could be a full day excursion and is easily reachable on the RER from Paris.