Traitor Shep Smith – Career Wrecking News Leak -DETAILS

ty3Fox News reporter Shepard Smith recently came out as gay. It’s extremely hypocritical, then, that he’s a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter.

Hillary and her fellow soft liberals want Americans to be “accepting” of Radical Islam and Shariah Law. This is bad news for Shep Smith.

According to Shariah Law, homosexuality is not accepted. If America were to accept Sharia Law, people such as Shep Smith might get stoned to death just for being who they are.

Shep has made few friends at Fox News, and it is clearly unwise of him to keep insulting our party’s nominee for President.

Shep actually admitted he’s wrong in his fight with Hannity, saying, “Hannity is trying to get conservatives elected. And he wants you to listen to him and believe what he believes.” Do you think Shep should get fired?