Trans student invades boys’ bathroom ‘because I can’

Oregon school latest in crosshairs of activist agenda

It’s understandable that public school administrators sometimes are confused by the social agendas activists demand of them.

After all, the Obama administration, in a move that violated the privacy rights of millions of students, ordered public schools to allow a boy who says he is a girl, or vice versa, into the restroom or shower of choice.

Then President Trump was elected, and he reversed Obama’s requirement.

However, Trump’s order didn’t make the issue go away, and the latest district caught up in the controversy is the Sutherlin School District in Oregon.

A girl there has started using the boys’ restroom, declaring to school officials she’s doing it, “Because I can.”

In response, a lawsuit has been filed against the district over the infringement of the privacy rights of the other students.

The Pacific Justice Institute is defending the students.

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