Trey Gowdy Finally Made An EPIC Breakthrough About Emails

Congressman Trey Gowdy has been fighting an uphill battle to get Hillary Clinton to finally face justice for her Benghazi crimes and her email scandals.

It has been an uphill battle. Clinton and all of her cronies in Washington and in the media have placed every obstacle possible in Gowdy’s way.

Trey finally got the break that he needed when the FBI reversed its corrupt decision and decided to reopen their case against Clinton. It looks like even James Comey’s help couldn’t save Hillary.

Trey is now celebrating this victory in his long-time investigation. He thanked the good people that exist in our government for finally seeing it through, saying that he’s grateful that “here are multiple groups in our culture that provide oversight.”

He said he was happy that “five immunity agreements and a really unusual investigation about national security matters with hundreds of classified emails” were finally going to lead to Hillary seeing prison time. Do you think Hillary is going to jail now?